Grimm Fairy Tales presents Bad Girls #5 Review

The end of this mini-series is here, but does this finale deliver the goods or ultimately end it all with a whimper?  Read on to find out.

The official description from Zenescope:

This is it!  The final knock out battle between the forces of good and evil!  The Bad Girls of the Grimm universe versus the forces of Good with the fate of the world hanging in the balance.  Don’t miss out on the issue that sets the stage for the evolution of the Grimm Universe.

What we have in this release is a fun and engaging comic book that offers just enough to make it a worthwhile purchase.  In a rather straight-forward and action packed conclusion our heroes and villains each come to terms with some unforeseen consequences as this engaging title crosses the proverbial finish line.

Joey Esposito takes this saga for one more strong ride, as the series writer allows for just enough room to give all of these characters the opportunity to clash.  Betrayals occur, alliances are broken and ultimately the Grimm Fairy Tales universe will spin on beyond this point.  However the narrative itself ultimately fails to offer little more than a justification for its existence even though the author succeeds in giving fans a sense of fun in this spectacular little jaunt.

Eduardo Garcia is a standout in this creative paring, as his panels set this series a blaze with an infectious creative and kinetic energy.  The pencil work on display almost perfectly illustrates the mood and setting that’s inherent in this visually appealing universe while delivering enough uniqueness to make these illustrations stand up on their own.  There are moments where the style at face value may seem a bit too simplistic for its own good, but trust me by the time you reach that final page you’ll be very impressed with the overall presentation.

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Grimm Fairy Tales presents Bad Girls #5 is a good enough release that does what it needs to in order to leave the audience thoroughly satisfied.  Recommended.


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