Grimm Fairy Tales presents: Bad Girls #3 Review

Is this side series worth your time and money?  Read on to find out

The official description from Zenescope:

Red Riding Hood, Sela, Samantha and Cross join forces to battle the evil creatures unleashed by the Bad Girls of the zenescope universe but will their combined power be enough to defeat these vicious beasts or will they too fall victim to the most evil women of the Grimm Universe? And how does the realm of Wonderland play into their master plan? Don’t miss the baddest series in the history of Grimm Fairy Tales. Featuring two incredible homage covers as Zenescope celebrates its seven year anniversary.

If you’re familiar with the universe associated with Zenescope‘s long running Grimm Fairy Tales series (and it’s various tie-ins) then you know more or less what your getting here.  There are beautiful women with awesome powers taking on monsters with the fate of several realms in the balance.  But as epic as that sounds there are still some noticeable flaws plaguing this little gem.

Joey Esposito does a fairly good job encapsulating this scantily clad universe in a very workable plot.  There’s no real twists or turns to the narrative but enough action happens, that long time fans will just sit back and enjoy the proverbial fireworks display.  The script really allows the artists to shine, as the dialogue is brief but solid enough to inform the various story threads.  If I was to have a complaint about this little romp my only minor gripe would be that I wish there would have been some deeper moments between the action oriented scenes.

Eduardo Garcia, Salvador Velazquez and Anthony Spay each do a solid job on the art.  They deliver what fans expect and they do it in a way that makes the script rather enjoyable.  Their visceral but tempered designs yield a sturdy round-up of characters that easily encapsulate the best of this comic universe.

Grimm Fairy Tales presents: Bad Girls #3 is a good comic that’s easily worth any fan’s time.  Recommended.


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