Grimm Fairy Tales #87 Review

The origin of this phoenix blazes onward, but should fans really care what happens to her?  Read on to find out.

The official description from Zenescope:


With their wicked plans set in motion, the Dark One and Cindy hunt down the phoenix that Sela and Belinda have taken under their protection. Sela can’t fight this battle alone, but is Belinda a trustworthy companion, or will she fall into her old deceptive ways? The Guardian of the Nexus and her greatest nemesis are put to the test in the explosive conclusion to The Phoenix!

Truth be told this was an arc that continued to explore the doubts of our protagonist while illuminating a vile threat.  In the end the creative team delivered something that was more than the mere sum of its parts, as they crafted a piece that highlights a universe undergoing changes.

Pat Shand offers yet another compelling read as the scribe brings a story of love, loss and (to a lesser extent) revenge to a fitting if not slightly corny conclusion.  I’ll admit that when I reached the final panels I was pleased with what happened but something about the moments just felt far too predictable for my taste, but with that said I came to understand that there was really no other way for this saga to end.  And when I reached the cliffhanger I honestly felt thoroughly prepared for whatever happens next.

The art by Salvador Velazquez in this outing is absolutely exquisite.  I found that the delicate pencil strokes yielded some striking visualizations that were simply littered with subtle nuances that both complemented and emphasized the players therein.  I specifically viewed the depiction of our chief characters to be spot on as I was amazed at how easily the talent exaggerated their features while humanizing their emotions.  In short: the art was more than up to the task of bringing this jaunt to life.

Grimm Fairy Tales #87 may not be a perfect adventure but there’s certainly enough here to prove the quality within the confines of this shared universe. Recommended.


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