Grimm Fairy Tales #84 Review

Can our innovative heroine take down yet another mystical villain?  Read on to find out.

The official description from Zenescope:

Jack Frost Part 2 –

Bullies have preyed on the weaker students of the campus for years. But not anymore.

Jack Frost is here, serving cold revenge and leaving terror in his wake.

Can Sela save her students before this new supernatural threat grows beyond her control?

The key to stopping him could lie in the recesses of Frost’s horrible past, but Sela needs to live long enough to find it.

This rather interesting tale comes to a conclusion with this latest release.  Just like a terrible winter storm passing through, this saga sees fit to put our chief character through the proverbial wringer, until the creative team finally allows some metaphorical rays of sun to lead her to a fitting climax.

The script by Troy Brownfield plays with a lot of various parts as it attempts to link a common theme between them: bullying someone is bad.  And in this tale of frostbite, missing toes and jocks versus nerds that’s certainly a lesson several of these young men need to understand, because their lives literally depend on it.  From the dialogue to the pacing the seasoned author brings a lot to the table in this outing, but several portions therein came off a bit underwhelming.  Truth be told they delivered what they needed to but they failed to go beyond what they were in order to make this adventure stand out.

Riccardo Baghera handles the art, and the illustrator does a solid job bringing this mystical world to life.  Whether his pencil strokes are delivering the recognizable form of Sela Matthers or giving the world a compelling look at a new take on a fairy tale legend, this talent certainly is up to the task.  With that said there were however several moments where bodily shapes seemed off as an apparent lack of detail took away from key moments in this visual experience.

Grimm Fairy Tales #84 is another solid entry that will keep fans more than interested in the franchise.  Recommended.


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