Grimm Fairy Tales #79 Review

Does this long lasting series gain some traction from this latest story arc, or has it simply outstayed its welcome?  Read on to find out.

The official description from Zenescope:

Sela is released from solitary to realize that the strange happenings at the Eschue Penitentiary have gotten stranger.  Though she doesn’t want to accept it, the likelihood of a highborn in the women’s prison seems much more probable.  But who is it?

There are some pivotal issues that honestly shape the future trajectory of an ongoing comic book which are usually followed by a rather lackluster release that attempts to bare the load.  When that happens the next act in any tale can come off as somewhat underwhelming but thanks to this talented creative team that’s just not the case with Grimm Fairy Tales #79.

Mark L. Miller delivers a script that not only successfully moves the narrative forward but it takes the time to address questions that every hero eventually has to deal with.  Sela Mathers has had to cope with a lot in her action-packed life and the obstacles she’s now facing in this prison are taking a hefty psychological toll which the author soundly inspects.  The dialogue flows smoothly and precisely from one page to the next as the issue builds towards an excellent crescendo which should get fans eagerly excited for next month’s outing.

Ricardo Osnaya once again delivers an exceptionally refined style that ebbs and flows with the lifeblood of this universe.  His pencil strokes inform and uplift the inner tissue of this romp in a way that shows some deformed but perfectly suited character renditions.  The visual splendor on display here shines a heartfelt spotlight on our heroine in a way that solidifies the forward momentum of her own development.

Grimm Fairy Tales #79 is a riveting read that plays off of every narrative string that was established in last month’s stellar outing.  Recommended.


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