Grimm Fairy Tales #78 Review

When Sela is left in a dark cell with only her imagination as company, what does the Falseblood see?  Should you even care?  Read on to find out.

The official description from Zenescope:

Sela finds herself at her lowest point yet when her actions find her locked in solitary confinement. With nowhere to turn but within Sela must reflect on the events that have brought her to this horrible place and uncover the mystery of the true identity of the highborn hiding within the shadows of the prison walls itself. From the writer of the smash hit Grimm Fairy Tales Jungle Book!

The weirdness at the Eschue Penitentiary continues in this latest entertaining and character rich issue.  Sela‘s psyche is center stage, as our heroine comes to term with some truths and begins to decide on a course of action while battling some nightmarish fantasies.  It’s a very fun read that will surely get fans excited for the series’ next outing.

Mark L. Miller handles the script, and the writer does a fantastic job delivering some heartfelt moments that push this arc forward.  He allows the audience to go with our protagonist, as she goes on a 30-day journey into a feverish nightmare that ultimately points her toward her future path.  The ending of the issue did deliver a cliffhanger but more than anything else it perfect set the stage for Grimm Fairy Tales #79, while sidestepping some thinly written moments.

Ricardo Osnaya does an outstanding job with the art.  His designs reveal a unique visceral style that flows freely with detail and purpose with each proverbial pencil stroke.  The way he effortlessly warps and challenges the character as he shifts realities as the script dictates is astounding.  I also have to say the panel work especially had some inspired page designs that kept me anxiously peeling through this comic book.

Grimm Fairy Tales #78 is an absolutely entertaining read that easily earns a recommendation.


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