Grimm Fairy Tales 2012 Giant-Sized Review

Does this mammoth release have some implications for the Grimm universe, or is it a pointless purchase?  Read on to find out.

The official description from Zenescope:

In the land of Myst Blake The White Knight and Boulder the Dwarf have begun their journey to reform the council of the realms on an epic adventure that will take them to the farthest reaches of Wonderland, Myst, Neverland and OZ itself but as they search for those who will replace the previous members the Dark One’s most loyal general Orcus is also searching for an item of incredible power to resurrect his long murdered Queen and when these two forces collide the face of the the Grimm universe will change forever. The EVENT book of the year that sets the stage for the future of the Grimm Universe and the realms of power with an ending you have to see to believe! Featuring the return of a character that will have every Zenescope fan talking!

Are you ready for a romp that will take you all over the realms in the Grimm universe?  If so this prelude event book is certainly for you.  Similar to the mammoth sized preview issues from back in the day, this story takes our heroes across all the corners you could think while introducing some interesting plot threads that will surely have ripple effects in the coming year.

Patrick Shand handles the script quite well, giving all three leads enough of a spotlight to allow them  a moment to shine in some very interesting locals.  I especially enjoyed the banter between Blake The White Knight and Boulder the Dwarf, as their unique friendship anchors this tale from beginning to end.  To see all the realms in various stages of dissaray and a dark presence looming, this was the perfect way to kick-off the next year of stories but it was bogged down by some slow moving scenes that felt like they just did not belong.

Adam Cleveland handles the art in this jaunt.  His pencil strokes offer a complete visual treat that samples everything you could possibly hope for in a world hopping book.  The characters are rendered in a way that complements the script, but there are moments where details seemingly melt away as inconsistent levels of attention sullies the overall quality of the work done here.

Ultimately Grimm Fairy Tales 2012 Giant-Sized is a good preview book with a decent story and a few really good hooks that earn it a recommendation.


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