Green Hornet: Year One Special Review

Year One is a famous title in the comic world. When one says it, they are usually referring to Batman: Year One. The cool thing about a Year One is that it’s able to explore a character’s yesteryear, whether it be the origin or a past adventure. The Green Hornet: Year One Special  is an interesting comic. Rather than explore the yesteryear of the Hornet and Kato, it’s told through a 13 year old girl. It was definitely one of the most heartfelt comics I’ve read in awhile.

Here’s the official description from Dynamite:

Ruby’s thirteen. She sells newspapers for pennies. And she’s got The Green Hornet’s gun. Will Hornet and Kato find Ruby before the mob does…or can THE GREEN GUN GIRL save herself? The original Green Hornet in a super special tale from writer Nate Cosby (Cow Boy)! 

It starts out innocently enough, with 13 year old Ruby trying to sell some papers. Soon we see what her life is like, her mom is dead and her dad is a bit of an alcoholic. Soon she accidentally gets mixed up in the Hornet’s business when she tries helping, it’s not good when some guy with a gun is after you. First off, this comic is an example of who the Hornet and Kato are, they are far more superior than the ones currently seen in the current ongoing series. However, the highlight is Ruby. She is a truly interesting character. In just 40 pages we have the story of a girl whom is fascinated by what the Hornet stands for, lots of emotion in the last part. What’s also interesting is that throughout the issue we have the girl’s fantasy of working alongside the two heroes, these scenes are done 40’s comic style, a nice touch further establishing the ‘Year One’ feel. Nathan Cosby’s writing is very good throughout, it gives the sense that this is actually taking place in the 40’s.

The art is pretty good, the highlights comes from the fantasy world, it’s so bright and captures the 40’s look of the comic. In some scenes Ruby looks like a boy, but besides that I have no faults with the art. The cover is alright, having Ruby (whose face just looks slightly off) in the font holding a newspaper all the while in the background the Hornet and Kato are beating up some thugs.

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Overall, The Green Gun Girl is a very well written and heartfelt story. While the Hornet is the main driving force, Ruby is the primary character. In just the opening pages Nate Cosby succeeds in getting the reader to feel for her, it’s a pretty nice story throughout. Easily recommended for fans and non-fans alike.


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