Goners #5 Review


The Latimer children have had a rough couple of days and, now, a vessel of their mother that has captured them. What is going to happen to the kids? Read on to find out more.

The official description from Image:

Hard answers and death await as the Latimers take the fight to Bellweather Sanatorium.

Goners_05-1This series has been a wonderful and interesting one that has had its ups and downs but has been building to something greater and this issue, we have a look at what this could be. The issue starts with Josiah and his sister, being captured by a very angry and very large being that has taken the form of their mother. In the previous issue, we learned some back story from Mr. Latimer about his dealings and capturing of this demon or something. We begin to learn what the intentions are and when Josiah begins to behave strangely we see a look into the past and something to do with a past life. It is very interesting. While that is going on, we have a look at the town’s people fighting off the evil that is coming after them. We see that more people have powers.  The ending of this issue is really cool and made me so mad because I will have to wait it is very great.

Jacob Semahn is a fantastic writer and knows how to get a story going. It is really starting to show stuff from the past and how it affect s our characters now, without spoon feeding all of it to us.

Jorge Corona continues to show artistry and skill with this series. The different characters shine by the distinct ability to create interesting worlds and design into this comic series. It Is really cool.

Goner #5 is a fun comic book and continues to deliver on several fronts.

  • + Awesome visuals
  • + Interesting story
  • + Great revelations
  • + Fun ideas

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