GODZILLA: Rulers of Earth #25 Review

Well, after two years Godzilla: Rulers of Earth comes to a close. Does the series end on a high note with this double-sized issue? Let’s take a look.

Here’s the official description from IDW:

The incredible finale to the longest-running Godzilla series ever is here! The final battle between the monsters of Earth and the Cryog forces will prove deadly for many. Will Earth survive?

What I’ve personally liked about this particular Godzilla series was that as a longtime fan I could always see the amount of heart, dedication, and passion put into it. Writer Chris Mowry would answer questions about the book and was very open to talking about it. The series thanks to its heart and dedicated fans managed to survive not one, but two almost-cancellations. This brings us to Issue 25, which officially makes it the longest running G series to date. What we have is a truly satisfying climax as we see Godzilla rally Earth’s monsters to face the Trilobite threat. Other than some messy art, we have an utterly fantastic conclusion to the story.


Thanks to this issue being doubled sized, Chris Mowry had more space to effectively finish the plots of Lucy, Woods, the Cryog, and of course the monsters. The story is basically one big battle, and there are quite a few iconic moments fans won’t be forgetting anytime soon. Perhaps my personal favorite aspect was giving Godzilla personality. The reader can see his worry as he looks at the bleak situation. His rally call for the monsters was perhaps the most iconic moment of the story and just overall powerful. The Cryog plot is finished pretty well as the dialogue between Rhizon and Karkaro became even more heated. I doubt the Cryog will be anyone’s fan favorite aliens, but they’ve served their purpose well enough throughout the series.

Lucy doesn’t get to do much for the majority of the issue, but that isn’t a bad thing. Realistically, there’s nothing a human can do with over 10 giant monsters running around. The final part wraps up with some nice narration from her. I’ve been critical of Woods since the start of the series because his character never matched his personality from Kingdom of Monsters. (One of the few consistently good things in that book!) He’s utilized well here and the ending is effective for being unexpected and adding a sense of sentiment after the final battle.

Matt Frank has done consistently amazing artwork in the book. This issue is no exception, though some of it looks rather on the messy side. To be fair it is quite challenging to juggle all that’s happening since monsters are far larger than the usual comic book character. The humans in the aftermath look rather off and discombobulated. In one panel Lucy and Kristina look like bobble heads. Still, all the fantastic shots make up for any messy scenes. The fight between Jet Jaguar and Gigan was appropriately gritty and wonderfully drawn. The climax with the final boss looming down at the monsters was truly awe-inspiring and makes the reader step back and say, “Whoa, they’ve never faced something like this before!” The main cover by Frank is similar to his work on GODZILLA Ongoing #10, where G and Earth’s monsters are rallying against the threat. Like that cover, this one is beautifully done. The subscription variant by Jeff Zornow is a fantastic piece showcasing one of the best incarnations of the 2002/03 design, along with the other monsters as they battle the giant Trilobite known as Magita.

Overall, Rulers of Earth ends on a high note. It’s been an incredibly fun ride. The series isn’t perfect but it for the most part captured what fans wanted to see. This issue deliverers a satisfying climax. What’s truly remarkable is that it’s done featuring a whole new creation for the final fight rather than an established monster. While the ending pulls a bit of a dues ex machina since it’s not really explained, it nonetheless provides a quality finish with finality and emotion.

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