GODZILLA: Rulers of Earth #13

Rulers of Earth enters Issue 13 and ties the previous Ongoing for longest running IDW Godzilla comic series! Does this issue start off the arc as well as Issue 1 did all those months ago? It’s a great opener to what looks to be a very engaging read.

Here’s the official description from IDW:

While Godzilla’s disappearance has brought calm to the planet, a threat from the past is set to resurface and take back the world they once had control over. No monster is safe and no future is certain as one of Godzilla’s greatest enemies prepares to return in a way nobody saw coming!¬†

This is very interesting issue for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it’s a victory for longtime readers since the series was going to end with the previous one. The other thing is how well it is as a jumping on point. Very little of what has happened previously is mentioned; it’s a fresh start as if this were a #1 to a new series. This would actually be a great way to enter the Godzilla comic world if you haven’t already for some reason. Not only that, but with the new film ¬†seeing release a month ago, fans of it will want to look for the character in other media and this comic is a great way for that! With the introduction of the original (and greatest) Mechagodzilla, the comic establishes a very solid opening act.


Interestingly, Chris Mowry sets the story four years after the previous issue. It’s actually a wise decision, since Lucy is older and thus a more engaging character. Since she’s a worker at Monster Islands, she’s a veteran when it comes to kaiju. Finally she has what looks to be a stable role. The opening is truly exciting, and a nice homage (intended or not) to the infamous Nightmare Gamera scene from Gamera III: Awakening of Iris. Steven Woods makes a comeback. Since he is a bit on the disabled side, it doesn’t look like he’ll see much action. This is fine because it’ll give Lucy some much needed time to shine. The big part of the story is in the third act: the arrival of Mechagodzilla. He certainly does not disappoint!

Jeff Zornow’s art is very good. In fact, I think this might be his best interiors in a Godzilla comic yet. His “Nightmare Godzilla” in the opening was by far the most terrifying Godzilla ever made, even beating out the GMK design. Almost everything else looks solid too. Mechagodzilla in particular looks great, as does Anguirus. The only negative is that a couple of the human faces look distorted. The main cover by Zornow features a nice shot of Godzilla shooting his atomic radiation. While not anything memorable, it makes for a solid piece for people walking out of the movie theater who is looking to get into the franchise a bit more. The RI by Matt Frank is definitely the more dynamic piece and paints Godzilla as a truly nightmarish force.

Overall, Rulers of Earth begins anew with a great opening issue. Lucy finally has a stable role; it will be great having her around as a veteran. Mechagodzilla gets a nice entrance. His fight with Anguirus was intense and a nice homage to their battle in the classic Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla. If you’ve never picked up a Rulers of Earth comic, or Godzilla comic in general, now would be a great time to jump on board!

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