GODZILLA #9 Review

We’re just four issues away from the finishing of the GODZILLA Ongoing. The last issue is where you could say it ‘truly’ began. This arc has been hinted at as far back as Kingdom of Monsters. Finally, SpaceGodzilla was bringing his alien pals to invade Earth. Issue #8 was also the first one in this series I could call a really good read. The previous issues weren’t truly bad, just lacking in the character and excitement department. With the realization that the Earth monsters are the good guys, we were all set to see the great battle against the invaders. Sadly Issue #9 is mainly a catching up and setup issue. The only real thing accomplished is what happens with Godzilla. (Now this makes five issues where Rodan has been missing!)

Here’s the official description from IDW:

The end is NIGH! Space Godzilla and other interstellar enemies arrive on Earth and they’re here to stay and destroy humanity! Boxer, with his team decimated, realizes just how over his head he is. There’s only one possible ally he can turn to his greatest enemy, Godzilla!

This one starts out with Boxer, Harrison, and Miss Asuka in an old man’s car. The latter doesn’t seem to be willing to give up his prized car, despite the world getting blown up around him. Meanwhile the Space Monsters wreak more havoc and Godzilla is getting pretty annoyed being stuck in the barrier. You can tell this issue also serves as a ‘catching-up’ one. The dialogue with Boxer and Miss Asuka explaining to the old guy about past events was done blatantly for new readers. Duane Swierczynski can write some good stuff, mainly when it concerns the monsters and the Priestesses. But this issue in an example of how annoying the writing can be. The old guy is quite cringe worthy to hear. Boxer has risen up from being an obnoxious character to read, at least now since he knows the truth and has become a decent focus. The Space Monsters each get a grand destruction page, save Monster X whom is battling Mothra. (Don’t expect an epic battle, you just see two panels of it.) Miss Asuka has been one of the more interesting characters of the series, she is one of the highlights of the issue with her funny and smart comments.

Simon Gane can draw a mean Gigan. The cyborg gets a pretty awesome panel to himself. Hedorah looks good, and of course SpaceGodzilla gets the money shot, a very awesome two-page spread. He also draws the close-up of Godzilla’s face with such detail. There’s one particular scene I liked with the humans, it’s when Godzilla escapes. The expression on Dr. Pohl’s face is just priceless. This time both covers are beyond the term epic. The main is done by Bob Eggleton, a legendary name among readers.  (He’s known for his stunning cover work on Dark Horse’s Godzilla series.) It’s a beautifully painted cover of Godzilla’s head in the front with SpaceGodzilla in the back, absolutely stunning. The RI by Matt Frank is definitely one of his best yet. It features all the space monsters done is usual dynamic style, sure to be a fan favorite.

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Overall, GODZILLA #9 is generally unexciting followup to the best issue in the series. The focus is set primarily on Boxer and friends with this horribly written old guy. The Space Monsters do get some fine destruction scenes, and Godzilla looks great. We also learn just exactly what  Dr. Pohl’s people had planned for the monsters on Monster Island. So this issue wasn’t a total disappointment, but lacking. Still, the coming installments look to be the most epic things to grace the comics pages.


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