GODZILLA #6 Review


The GODZILLA ongoing has reached the halfway point. This series is what I’d call ‘average.’ Nothing great, but still alright. Problems include Godzilla being completely mindless with really no goal of why he does what he does. That’s a problem with pretty much all the monsters, they’re treated like mindless beasts. And then a bunch of mercenaries actually manage to take out a few of these guys. Titanosaurus lost in his debut issue! And Kiryu was pretty much a throwaway character in the almost filler #5. But it hasn’t been a bad ride. (Can’t say the same for some of Kingdom of Monsters.) This issue marks the debut of Mothra and her Priestess, known to the Godzilla fans as either the Shobijin, the Cosmos, or the Elias. This issue has been getting some hype because it looked like things would finally be explained. (Plus Mothra’s overdue appearance.) GODZILLA #6 does explain a few things, sadly in a vague way. However, this issue does have some pretty exciting things that will get fans anticipating the final act of this series. While not great, this issue is a step in the right direction.

Here’s the official description from IDW:

Having tasted serious defeat—and having been branded outlaws by the world’s governments—Boxer and his crew scramble to catch up to Godzilla before he destroys Seattle! There’s just one major obstacle in the way… Mothra!

When the lovely Cosmos are involved, you know things are about to go down. Yes, they do go in front of the world and explain things…vaguely. It’s the terms you’d expect, “You are merely witnessing the rising,” “Not the fall.” All the while the audience is asking the questions we want answers for. (Still don’t know why other animals die when these kaiju appear.) Even if its vague, it’s pretty exciting from how the little ladies say these things. Think these monsters are the Armageddon? Think again. There wasn’t much action in this issue, but it’s not filler, unlike the previous comic. Boxer takes more of a center stage. I’d say he’s better written here than in the last few issues. But it’s actually Claire that shines. Mothra gives her a vision of the future…and it isn’t pretty. (THIS is what will get fans excited, I know I am!) Sadly Rodan doesn’t appear, and the monsters on Monster Island don’t do anything. Godzilla himself gets some nice page-time with some impressive splash pages. He and Mothra do meet, and it’s interesting.

Art wise, it has its ups and downs. Mostly ups. Godzilla looks pretty good for the most part, the art is consistent for him. Mothra looks fantastic, she gets some nice page-time and splash pages. The Cosmos are drawn very well, with blue dresses. They look lovely, just like in the films. Sadly Boxer and friends are quite the opposite. They look rather, shall I say, ugly in some scenes. (Not referring to Claire, she loos good.) But in some scenes, mainly the jailed ones, the faces look really off-putting. Besides that, the art is fine. Both covers are nice. The main one has Godzilla shooting a blast of atomic radiation with Mothra in the background and a panel with the Cosmos. The variant by Matt Frank is stunning, showcasing the Cosmos in their Final Wars look with Mothra in the background.

Overall, the sixth installment in the GODZILLA ongoing is taking the series in a new direction. While you may be disappointed with how vague things are explained, it’s still a pretty solid issue. We get a vision of what’s to come, (and they are big things my friend, big things) Mothra gets her long overdue appearance, and the Shobijin get their say. Things are about to get really exciting, next month can’t get here soon enough!


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