GODZILLA #11 Review

After far too long of a wait, the highly anticipated eleventh installment of the GODZILLA Ongoing is upon us. The previous issue set things up, does this comic deliver? Yes, yes it does. Get ready some long overdue epic monster action.

Here’s the official description from IDW:

Boxer and his team are beyond working for money. . . now they just want to save their planet! In order to do so, they must support and cover Godzilla and other monsters from Earth in their savage battle against Space Godzilla, Gigan and others! Prepare for the final, unthinkable battle! 

It could be said this issue is nothing but three big fights. We have Godzilla taking on Hedorah, Titanosaurus and Battra against SpaceGodzilla, and Gigan vs. Rodan and Anguirus. The story devotes the majority of its time to these battles, and they deliver. There aren’t too many complaints to be had since it’s nonstop action. This is pretty much the comic everyone has been waiting for when it comes to reading a Godzilla story.

Duane Swierczynski successfully captures the end of the world feel through monster destruction. To the humans the Earth is dying, but to the monsters it’s “a boxing ring.” What I personally like is how well each monsters’ abilities are incorporated. Gigan uses his laser, Anguirus uses his rolling form, and Rodan uses his belly spikes to shatter Gigan’s visor. (Which was pretty darn awesome.) Fans will enjoy how accurate the outcomes are, Swiercznski has a great handle on how powerful these monsters are when pit against each other. (You will feel bad for Kumonga.) Now this is not to say the human element is lost, it’s just pushed to the side. Boxer is pretty much the same as always, he’s just there. Miss Asuka has the best lines, mainly cause she announces Mechagodzilla’s Absolute Zero canon.

Simon Gane gets to show how he can handle large scale monster battles. I like how the monsters react to being attacked, Battra’s “I’m hit!” look was great. Sometimes they might lack a little detail, but it’s nothing major. There’s a very gritty look to this whole thing, it’s not a light and happy story, the art successfully captures that. Monster X has never looked more evil. But yeah, blows and beams are felt, and Godzilla looks great. In fact, the best battle is between him and Hedorah, one of the best fights the Ongoing has seen. Regarding covers, the main one is by the the always amazing Bog Eggleton. It’s on par with his incredible Gigan one, Hedorah and Godzilla look fantastic. The RI variant by Matt Frank will naturally be the fan favorite however, having a dynamic shot of the monsters fighting it out.

Overall, the second best issue of the GODZILLA Ongoing. (Next to the previous installment.) There’s not too much to say at this point, the series is delivering everything we’ve been wanting. The fights are spaced out well enough, (the SpaceGodzilla one might have been a tad shorter than what it should have been, considering the fact that Battra is on par with Godzilla in this continuity) and it’s just fun. And to top it off, there’s a pretty awesome and shocking homage to a certain scene from one of the movies, jaws will drop. You’re truly missing out if you aren’t picking up GODZILLA, it’s officially now the most awesome thing on the stands.


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