GODZILLA #10 Review

It goes without saying by now that I am a huge Godzilla fan, so I get to review these comics in a special way. The Ongoing sadly has been all over the place in terms of quality. One thing’s for sure, it has ranged from consistently average to good. The problems include a poorly developed human cast, the story was generally uninteresting sometimes, and Godzilla himself was just a plot device. This final act has been getting some pretty big hype. The first part was great, but the second was sadly very average when  compared to its predecessor. The humor with the human characters is sometimes too quirky. Despite being disappointed in the past, I had high expectations for this tenth issue. Thankfully it has surpassed them, this might just be the best issue from the series yet. (Rodan is back!)

Here’s the official description from IDW:

Earth is ravaged by the Space Monsters! With Earth’s kaiju trapped on Monster Island, the planet is seemingly doomed. Until Boxer decides to undo all of his hard work and stage the biggest prison break of all time! 

The world is ending. Not by a storm, not by global warming…but by giant monsters from outer space. SpaceGodzilla, Gigan, Hedorah, and Monster X are destroying our planet. Mothra at the moment is the only Earth defender, and she’s not exactly doing a good job with fighting Monster X. Thankfully Rodan returns and takes on Gigan. Meanwhile Boxer and Miss Asuka attempt to break out the monsters of Monster Island while Harrison finds Mechagodzilla. Now this is what I’m talking about. This issue successfully emulates the dread of the world getting torn apart by monsters. Duane Swierczynski really gives the reader that sense of doom, even making us think what would happen if these guys attacked right now. Yes, we get plenty of great panels with the space monsters destroying buildings, but it’s the closeups that emulate dread. In what is probably the most intense page from any Godzilla comic, you see Gigan’s buzzsaw in a closeup going straight into a building with people in it, that was an amazing page. While the last installment was crowded with cringe worthy dialogue, this issue makes up for that in having the monsters take center stage for a bit.

What I like is that this issue brings back every single monster introduced thus far. Rodan finally comes back from a six issue absence for a very cool scene. The monster match-ups are very fun to look at, especially if you’re a G fan. The Mothra/Monster X fight has been shown here and there, but deserves to get a real scene. Here at least we see some satisfying combat. (And that Mothra herself isn’t doing too well.) It was also very good Mechagodzilla was brought back, since he was a throwaway character way back in Issue 5. Regarding the humans, they’re pretty good. Ms. Asuka is always a funny character, and Boxer wasn’t too bad this time around. Simon Gane further demonstrates how well he can draw kaiju. I really like the gritty aspect, especially with Gigan, the cyborg looks fantastic. SpaceGodzilla like always gets some really good shots, but Gigan is the one that shines the most. There’s also a fantastic splash page of the monsters escaping Monster Island. Regarding covers…they are the definition of fantastic  The main one by Bob Eggleton is just phenomenal, maybe his best yet. Godzilla and Gigan look amazing, one of the best Godzilla comic covers period. The RI by Matt Frank might just be the fan favorite however. While the #9 RI showcased the space monsters, this one showcases the Earth monsters led by Godzilla. Definitely a great cover and gives you that “Oh yeah, they’re coming” feeling inside.

Overall, GODZILLA #10 is plain awesome. This is what the readers have been waiting for. It successfully captures the dread of the word ending, plus it has plenty of monster action. The art is great, the monsters take center stage, and there’s a lot of “Aww yeah” moments throughout. By the end, you’re all set for #11. Now this is Godzilla, folks. This is what the King of the Monsters is all about.


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