Glory #32 Review


When a title is in its closing run, closure is everything. You need something dramatic; something that has added weight and adds a sense of tension and emotion that elevates beyond anything you’ve done before hand. This, to put it simply, is Glory #32. For a title that’s full of action and fantastical imagery, there’s a very real, humane and emotional aspect to this month’s issue. It has plenty of foreshadowing, and gives a real meaning to suspense.

The official description from Image:

“WAR TORN,” Part Two
The dawn before war. Glory and her allies face inevitable death. With only hours left to live, everyone’s final moments are revealed in short stories illustrated by some of the greatest new talents in comics, including OWEN GIENI, GREG HINKLE, SLOANE LEONG, JED DOUGHERTY and a very special crossover with EMI LENOX’s EMITOWN!

Following on from the last issue, a lot of the arguments and tension have been dropped, and the writing uses this brief opportunity to explore each character on its own. This includes different art styles, which will all very depending on your personal tastes, yet it certainly capture the spirit of each character.

As for personal developments, I again have to praise the depiction of Nanaja. Just like last time, the writing and dialogue shows a caring side; someone who just wants a family, but it angry and violent when away from it. Its a very understandable aspect, and its pulled off rather well. Its not spelled out, but its not subtle either. Whether this has any effect by the end of the series is hard to say, but taking the time to show off hidden sides of any character is always welcome. Likewise, even the parents get their own emotional moments.

Additionally, as far as the plot goes, there seems to be a small over-looked loop hole. The tone is very dramatic and poignant; its made clear everyone only has hours left to live. Yet they’re facing an enemy that is constantly referenced by the fact they don’t know when its meant to appear. Its a small error, but its the kinda oversight that can bug anyone who likes to read into their comics. It changes the dramatic overtones with a sense of accepted defeat; the heroes have just decided the big bad villain will turn up and they will die. Its not very hopeful, but it does make for some added impact and emotion.

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All in all, this is an excellent issue of Glory. It foreshadows a lot, and builds on a lot of previous issues, so its clearly something for the fans, but at this late a stage into the stories conclusion this is the best way to go. its certainly proving very rewarding so far.


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