Glory #31 Review


As the series begins its run towards the end, Glory #31 delivers the best of what the series has to offer; brilliant characters, beautiful, detailed artwork and a constant sense of surprise.

The official description from Image:

“WAR TORN,” Part One
The entire first year of Joe Keatinge and Ross Campbell’s GLORY saga has been leading to this: Glory vs. Silverfall. PLUS: a special flashback sequence illustrated by Ulises Farinas finally revealing why Glory was near death when Riley found her.

This issue is certainly interesting in many ways. One of the primary differences is the dynamic between Nanaja and the normal group. The once antagonist turned protagonist is exceptionally well written. Where as a lot of the cast and plot themes are quite grim, the dialogue for Nanaja is lively and upbeat, even with all the swear words.This is something that art captures amazingly well, as she appears spoiled near the beginning, yet the subtly changes into a little girl when around her father later. I always appreciate any subtle indications that add depth to a character without obvious dialogue or exposition.

As for the plot itself, this issue naturally revolves around Silverfall, the father of Nanaja and Glory. The conflict does not unfold as most people would expect, but its an oddly tense scene regardless. Everything is in the undertones, whilst little itself happens, the writing suggests a lot more between the lines. Not least of all because the third sibling, teased in the previous issue, hasn’t been introduced yet.

This also lends itself to flashbacks set in Thule, where the artwork has a real chance to shine. Its quite a long flashback, so there are obvious ties to future issues here, even if they aren’t always made apparent. Yet, even though its never gone into detail, the world of Thule always seems a rich and exotic location, with plenty of opportunities for story telling.

Finally, Glory ends on a typically explosive cliff hanger. Whilst the confrontation with Silverfall isn’t what readers would expect, yet none the less surprising, the cliffhanger suggests there will be much more action in the next issue; I for one can’t wait.

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