Glory #30 Review


Glory continues this week, offering a coherent and streamlined story. In a world of monsters, different universes and everything in between, it can feel very easy to feel lost. Fortunately, Glory #30 reels everything in, focusing on a tight and focused narrative.

The official description from Image:

A battle over one hundred years in the making – sister vs. sister! No one gets out unscathed! Not every bodily limb survives! PLUS: In 1920s Paris, Glory teams up with Ernest Hemingway to take down the greatest villain the city has ever known, illustrated by New Yorker cartoonist ROMAN MURADOV!

The introduction in Glory #30 will certainly turn heads. A flashback to one of Glory’s old adventures, the cartoon art style gives it a more lighthearted atmosphere, a short break from the rest of the issue.

If there’s one noticeable improvement of late, its how useful Nanaja is to the story and title as a whole. Whilst the generic enemies were useful, having a dedicated antagonist to contrast against Glory gives the writers more opportunities. In Glory #30, some of these are explored much more. The dialogue bounces off of the two, and the opposing characters reflect the world around them as a result. Whether friend or foe, Nanaja certainly pushes Glory in the right direction.

As for the artwork, its exception as always. The art style set by Ross Campbell suits the story and fantasy themes perfectly. This is best with Glory and Nanaja highlight this the most. The detail in each panel really shows a love and dedication to the characters, and it pays off by delivering detailed yet clear artwork. The vibrant colors only enhance this. There are various scenes throughout this issue that are delivered through the artwork.

Aside from this, there is the usual amount of foreshadowing. The conclusion at the end may have fans questioning a lot. Glory and Nanaja’s parent have always been the main villains behind the scenes, yet they are shown as slightly incompetent here. They only seem to solve problems the same way, and it didn’t work the first time. Without spoiling anything, it does seem like a cheap excuse to introduce even more characters in the future.

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That said, this is an excellent read over all. Whilst I do think Glory #30 is sometimes better to simply look at then to read, the plot itself is still gripping and engaging.

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