Glory #29 Review


Its been a while since the last issue of Glory, and the latest issue certainly jumps right back into the thick of things. With an interesting plot and some stunning visuals, this issue certainly has a lot to offer.

The official description from Image:

There is only one warrior Glory has ever feared; only one who’s more dangerous than her, only one she knows can stop her. Get ready for the coming of Nanaja, Glory’s little sister.

This issue bounces between the current plot and a few flashbacks. This certainly helps break things up, slowly shedding light on both Glory and Nanaja’s pasts. Its very insightful, and is written well and creatively, showing enough segments of their past lives to get the point across. Glory #29 doesn’t get bogged down in details, it says what it needs to say and lets everything else be told naturally. For a story focused on larger then life creatures and different dimensions, this sense of realism certainly helps give Glory some solid grounding. The relationship between the two sisters, for instance, is easy to relate to, even when dealing with two giant blue people.

It should also be mentioned that the art work here is exceptional. That, or perhaps its just that its been a while since the last issue, and Glory has an instinctively recognizable art style that its certainly been missed. My only complaint is that it suits the world of Thule better than earth. The art team certainly has a creative flare, and its in the Thule flashbacks that this is really shown. Where as the earth scenes are grounded in realistic buildings and landscapes, the Thule sections really let the artists loose. The design of Nanaja throughout the many stages of her life are fantastic, the larger panels constantly ooze with detail.

As for the actual writing, Glory has always had a difficult plot to deal with. As much as Nanaja seems critical to the story, her introduction feels a little ‘forced’. I’m not entirely sure at what point her presence was noted by Glory and co, or how they know anything in this issue. Its a minor hiccup, but its certainly great to see Glory getting back into action.


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