Glory #27 review


An odd title to get behind, Glory #27 isn’t entirely welcoming to new readers. That said, it does enough to sustain interest with its more unique concepts and design.

The official description from Image:


Glory’s home in Mont St. Michel is under siege. Her allies are not prepared. Not everyone survives.

Its hard to describe the plot other than that. Unless you’re familiar with the background and previous issues of Glory, this latest release might not explain a great deal.

What I can tell you is that its certainly interesting. The artwork is intriguing, with an odd design choice. It works well with various characters and the monsters that grace the pages.

However, it gets a little convoluted and messy in larger scenes where there’s a lot going on. With so many different visual designs and aesthetics, the artwork could be a little clearer in the actions sequences.

As for the fantastical elements, this is a world that’s clearly had some thought go into it. if you can get past the weird array of monsters that have no coherency to each other, there’s clearly a lot going on behind the scenes that makes for a good on-going title over all.

With a decent enough cliff-hanger to end the issue, the title does a fair amount to sustain interest. Still, a lack of its accessibility to new readers has me uncertain about future issues.





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