Ghosted #4: Review

It looks like Jackson Winters and his band of merry thieves are finally going to catch a ghost, and become instant millionaires thanks to the reward offered by uber-rich weirdo Markus Schrecken. But then everything goes wrong — and Ghosted #4 takes unexpected and engaging turn.

Here’s the official word from Image:

Murder. Lies. Betrayal. Winters’ team of paranormal experts has only scratched the surface of the Trask Mansion’s horrors. After a ritual gone wrong, are they the next to be added to its gruesome history?

First things first: Ghosted #4 probably has one of the best recap openings I’ve read in quite a while. We get caught up on the plot, and then get a rundown on the team’s new plan to catch a ghost, which is both innovative and appropriately eerie. The plan devised by Jackson Winters and his crew seems almost perfect, and they’re literally heading out the door when Markus Schrecken’s real motive gets suddenly revealed, turning the whole book on its head. It’s a great twist, and one with excellent promise.

Writer Joshua Williamson also offers us some much needed (and much appreciated) horror in this issue — after focusing too much on the crime-noir aspect of this title in the past, Ghosted #4 revels in possession, blood-hungry ghosts, and creepy mystery. And it works to great effect. Except for a few moments of overly clever dialogue (Winters actually utters: “Chill. The pill kind” when two team members are fighting), this issue might be strongest of the run so far.

Goran Sudzuka’s art continues to engage. He seems especially at home with the creepier side of things, and offers careful renderings of maggots, fangs, and bursting guts. His style, especially when focused on horror, is tight and expressive.

Ghosted #4 brings a great dose of spookiness back to this title — something that was missing for a while, and wonderful to have back.


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