Ghostbusters #4 Review

As the new series barrels forward is this direction starting to feel unstable?  Read on to find out.

The official description from IDW:

They’re BACK! The original boys in gray have escaped captivity, but their captors-the demonic entities know as the Collectors-aren’t going to just let the Ghostbusters get away with a jailbreak! It’ll take all the wits at the disposal of both teams to keep Ray, Peter, Winston and Egon in one piece and on this dimensional plane!

When I was growing up, I remember waking up early to catch cartoons and one of the half hours I always made sure to have time for happened to be the one with the Ghostbusters in it.  On from those tender years I found myself enthralled with the franchise and thanks to this creative team I still get to crack open a comic book and relive my childhood memories one page at a time.

Erik Burnham pens the script and the scribe does an absolutely excellent job nailing the humor and comedic timing this series simply requires.  From his previous issues on you can see his style evolve as he not only melds to the classic tropes associated with this saga but he also makes it his own while still finding a way to allow tangible connections to the films that started it all.  The dialogue here is in all honesty paramount to that experience as the author nails it to the point that I honestly found myself laughing enough to ignore any minor misfires along the way.

The art by Dan Schoening is the same sophisticated style it’s always been.  Instead of attempting to translate the realistic renditions of the movies he creates his own interpretations of the characters in a hyper but nonetheless realized version of the world.  Needless to say, from my previous reviews on this book I’ve become quite a fan and I literally can”t wait to see what he does with his pencil following this run.

Ghostbusters #4 may not be perfect but it is an excellent joyride that will have fans grinning ear to ear.  Recommended.


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