Ghostbusters #16 Review

The holidays are upon us and the Ghostbusters have to face a nightmarish skirmish in their winter wonderland, but are they ready?  Read on to find out.

The official description from IDW:

After several tough cases, the Ghostbusters are ready for a real day off from dealing with the supernatural… but that doesn’t necessarily mean the supernatural is going to take a day off from them. Ready to settle in and do some relaxing, they are surprised as a spectral child appears before them, speaking one word before it disappears — help.

Most fans know by now that this volume of comics is marching towards a most assured conclusion, and if you think the creative team is not aware of that you’re sorely mistaken.  What we have here is an entertaining yuletide adventure that on face value looks like a one-and-done jaunt, but beneath the surface the proverbial wheels are turning as steps are taken to the emergence of a very dangerous threat.

Erik Burnham pens the script and the series writer delivers a charming but somewhat bloated holiday romp.  The dialogue between characters is as sharp and consistent as ever, but there were quite a few moments where the pace felt somewhat handicapped by an unnecessary amount of verbal interaction.  Beyond that though I really appreciated the strong focus the author took on Winston Zeddemore.  It allowed for a healthy amount of exploration and truthfully created an environment that fostered some healthy human moments that continued to solidify and deepen the relationships between our protagonists.

Dan Schoening once again handles the art and his unique style contributes heavily to the zany atmosphere that’s inherent to this favorite franchise.  His depictions of the classic characters rely heavily on deformity in a way that allows this individual property to stand on its own merits while paying respect to the source material.  Because of that each action and moment in this issue yields some striking visuals that act as an extension of their movie counterparts.

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Ghostbusters #16 is a solid enough outing with a very ominous ending that should get longtime readers interested in what’s coming down the pipeline. Recommended.


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