Ghostbusters #11 Review

The Ghostbusters continue their road trip across America, but has the story been lost in the mileage?  Read on to find out.

The official description from IDW:

Continuing west on their cross-country caper, the Ghostbusters head from the mouth of the Mississippi to the Chihuahuan desert, and the city of Roswell. Ray’s in heaven with the proliferation of ET attractions in the UFO capital of New Mexico, but will he have time to enjoy it while the ghosts of little green men attack? Haunted America, the Ghostbusters event of the summer, continues here!

This issue was a fun romp, that honestly yielded some of the reactions I imagine most comic readers yearn for in their monthly titles.  From the goofy premise of alien ghosts to the campy dialogue, this book was engaging from start to finish.  It wasn’t perfect, but if you’re looking for a fun adventure in the desert this brief jaunt might just be for you.

Erik Burnham delivers a competent script that keeps the unique personalities of the Ghostbusters intact.  There were moments where the dialogue got too wordy, causing some of the jokes to fall a bit flat but overall each character fit their established movie persona.  To be blunt, the ending was creative but completely underwhelming, causing this story to be a bit uneven.

Dan Schoening delivers splendid work in this issue.   His highly stylized art won’t be for everyone, but his outlandish character designs and unique sensibilities bring audiences a world that’s not trying to be a one-to-one conversion of what they saw on the big or small screen.  Instead he embraces a look and feel that’s deformed, expressive and works quite well.

There are some narrative mishaps and an underwhelming finish that prevent this comic from being a great read, but with that said this story is still loads of fun and will certainly appeal to any Ghostbusters fan.  Recommended.


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