Gays Finally Have Equal Rights… Well, At Least in Comics

If you’ve ever stumbled passed the San Diego offices of UTF at around 5 in the morning, then you’ve most likely seen me passed out on the stoop, face down, with my mouth covered in mustard stains and a half-eaten bratwurst squashed somewhere beneath my very gelatinous body.  Now, if I can act like a complete ape in public without fear of imprisonment, then I have no idea why two fine young men (or women) are legally barred from entering into a loving, caring, totes gay marriage.  If they want to be boring people, then by all means… let them!

Well, the world (and by world, I mean the United States) might not promote egalitarian rights, but Marvel Comics sure as hell does. In an upcoming issue of Astonishing X-Men Northstar, the well groomed homosexual mutant roomie at the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning, will finally betroth his true love. I’m sure there’s a bit of fighting thrown in there some where.  In fact, a random attack will probably interrupt the entire ceremony (real original Marvel), but that’s just a minor complaint!

This is a huge step in the right direction and something I hope we can all appreciate (if not, you know where to complain). So, let’s all raise a fine glass of bourbon, or a raspberry cosmo martini if you’re part of the groom’s party (only gay joke, I promise), to the very fictional husbands to be. Congrats bitches!