G.I. Joe: Snake Eyes: Agent of Cobra #2 Review

G.I Joe_Snake Eyes_Agent of Cobra_2_Cover 2Only one issue in, G.I Joe: Snake Eyes: Agent of Cobra #2 has a lot to do. It needs to both develop and set the tone, as well as provide all of the intrigue, plot and shadowplay one would expect from a G.I Joe title. Yet, as the last issue showed, this series has a few too many strings tied to the old ways and can’t quite let go just yet.

The official description from IDW:

SNAKE EYES begins his mission for COBRA: tracking down the former COBRA COMMANDER’s son and bringing him in. But SNAKE EYES is not the only COBRA agent on the hunt… as Storm Shadow enters the fray, looking for revenge!

This issue follows up on last month’s cliffhanger and pretty much doens’t let go of it. This is great for long time fans that really care about a certain character but, is it worth it? Aside from meaning nothing to new readers, linking back to one specific title only weakens the pool of readers who will understand this. At the very least, we have a cut to a different character before the titular ninja even arrives.

In terms of actual writing, it’s hard to knock Mike Costa for what he’s doing. Costa’s attempt to take a discarded character such as Chameleon and offer resolution is commendable, but flawed. This issue tries to give closure but only opens with tragic backstory and enough room to drag the character out. Still, there are a few elements to be inspireed by and the pairing of Chameleon and Snake Eyes is a good one, since they were seldom (if any) seen together in the past.

Visually, I still quite like this title, even if there isn’t much to see here. Little action happens until near the end, so Paolo Villanelli’s pencils seldom get a chanc to demonstrate anything. Still, Joana Lafuente avoids the obvious pitfalls with her coloring, with a blend of vibrant outdoor tones and darker shades demonstrate an expert touch.

All in all, it’s a little rough around the edges, but that’s to be expected. This title isn’t too sure of itself, but it’s going in the right direction for now.

  • + Return of Chameleon!
  • + Decent action
  • - Let's add backstory!
  • - Feels a little shoe-horned

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