G.I Joe A Real American Hero 205

G.I Joe: A Real American Hero #205 Review

G.I Joe A Real American Hero 205

G.I Joe A Real American Hero 205 cover 2G.I Joe: A Real American Hero #205 is a very odd mix. The overall story is effective, but I can’t help feel the vast majority of the title manages to be useless at the same time.

The official description from IDW:

Torpedo and his team race against the clock in the mountains of Olliestan, with Dr. Adele Burkhart in tow. Will they make it out in one piece or will the pursuing insurgents take down our Real American Heroes?

This is a very action heavy issue, but the first few pages seem near pointless. There’s no drama or consequences, it’s just guns blazing and generic action sequences waiting for the writing to kick in. Where it does get going, however, is near the middle, but by then the main plot has wrapped it self up. Throw in a small scene at the end to bring in other parts of the longer story and you have an issue that is clearly has little to work with – certainly not enough for a whole issue.

Writing wise, I stand by my previous statement. Larry Hama knows his G.I Joe, but the first five or so pages tend to repeat themselves – think more of a ‘scraping the barrel’ approach rather than a game of cat and mouse. At this point I want resolution, not repetition, and Hama’s script takes a while to wake up and kick into gear.

Visually, G.I Joe: A Real American Hero #205 looks about the same as it always has. S L Gallant offers plenty of detail, even if the desert setting means the backgrounds aren’t that visually appealing. There’s a similar problem with the colors too; J Brown does a good job, but the night desert setting means the majority of the issue deals in shades of blue, brown and little else except occasional explosions and muzzle flare. It’s all been done before.

Over all, I’m sure regular readers will be happy, but this is very much a rank and file issue of Real American Hero, rather than a stand out example.


  • + Plenty of action
  • + Wraps up the current plot nicely
  • - Opening is dull and slow
  • - Plenty of padding between important scenes...

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