G.I Joe 13

G.I Joe #13 Review

G.I Joe 13

G.I-Joe-Banner.jpgAs we await the next big story arc, G.I Joe #13 offers more in the way of ‘not quite one-shots as its probably useful in the long run’ issues. Still, does it manage to be entertaining, if not strictly relevant?

The official description from IDW:

THE SECRET HISTORY OF COBRA COMMANDER! BARONESS leads COBRA’s newest recruit, the enigmatic SIREN, on a journey through history to the earliest days of COBRA… but what is SIREN’s secret?

Honestly… I don’t get this issue. While last month was at least interesting, a straight up repetition of the same idea brings nothing new to the table. In fact, it takes plenty away. When its common knowledge half of these stories are made up in cannon, what do they add to the story. I’mG.I Joe 13 sure many people would rather see something interesting instead.

I’m not saying Paul Allor is a terrible writer – the stories are well crafted and have a certain flair – but the overall delivery is overwhelming. Since it’s set in historic periods, there’s nothing to relate to. The present day sections certainly have a small amount of character but, once again, we’re dealing with relatively unknown characters. In short – it’s hard to care about anything here.

Visually, the title offers three different styles, with art by Alex Cal, Robert Atkins and Chris Evenhuis. Likewise, the colors are done by David Garcia Cruz and Joana Lafuente. The idea is nice, but the delivery is flawed. The art styles are fairly similar and, as a result, doesn’t result in any strong noticeable differences. Even if it did, does it add to the issue in any way?

In short, this isn’t something people will re-read for years to come. As a one-off read it is interesting, but I’m sure many people are looking forward to an actual story with depth and development.



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