G.I Joe special missions 7

G.I Joe: Special Missions #7 Review

G.I Joe special missions 7

G.I Joe: Special Missions #7 continues the Australian adventure, bringing this arc to an end of sorts. This being G.I Joe, it could end with explosions or the subtle approach. Either way, it’s not too bad a read.

The official description from IDW:

OPERATION DEADFALL! ZARTAN makes his escape from the DREADNOKS’ desert lair with G.I. JOE hot on his trail. Will anyone make it back from the back of beyond? A blistering chase under the Aussie sun as the Special Missions’ team second outing goes horribly wrong.

This issue offers a satisfying ending, while obviously keeping enough plot holes open for the future. That said, the best part of this issue has to be Zartan. On small scale operations such as this, he comes across as a much more menacing character – although that’s partly thanks to the groundwork laid out in previous issues. The Joe’s are interesting, but they generally make some witty comments, shout “Yo Joe!” and then charge forwards.

This can be seen in Chuck Dixon’s writing. He knows his stuff and can pen a decent story and action sequence. Yet the dialogue isn’t amazing, or there simply isn’t much to work with. Throw in a horse and that is about as interesting as the Joe’s get. I’m not saying it’s not enjoyable, it’s just not the best Special Missions can offer.

The visuals on the other hand are a different matter. Will Rosada makes good use of the full-page offering detail where it needs detail. Being set in a desert, I’ll admit the backgrounds are hardly interesting for the majority of pages – yet Aburtov & Grafikslava’s colors to add something refreshing. Clear blue skies are seldom seen in G.I Joe and – especially after the last arc – it’s a welcome change.

In short, this issue is a good read, although I suspect it proves more satisfying as an arc finisher. For new readers picking it up, it shows off Special Missions‘s potential, but it’s not the best stand alone example.


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