G.I. Joe: Cobra #17 Review


A much quieter issue, although not without its occurrences, G.I Joe Cobra #17 offers an interesting look at one of the lesser characters, whilst building up the plot.

The official description from IDW:

They call him… BLUDD! Major Bludd takes center stage in this spine-shattering issue! What makes Bludd tick… and who does he have to kill next? Locked in prison, he’s still deadly—so who wants him free?

This issue is primarily about the aforementioned Bludd. As characters go, hes fairly interesting. As a villain, he’s not associated with the Joe’s. Yet hes not directly part of Cobra either. This issue uses Bludd to demonstrate some of the ‘grey’ area between the two factions. He’s definately not a hero, but hes given a greater sense of realism than many of the Cobra antagonists. He’s not likable, but it shows that not everyone is as evil as Cobra. That said, Bludd is pretty cool – he does sport an eye patch and a mustache, yet somehow pulls it off.

Aside from the attention on Bludd, the rest of the issue does take a small amount of time to focus on Chameleon. Similar to Bludd’s portrayal, this issue sheds some light on some of the smaller characters here, such as Flint and Clockspring. It adds a real sense of emotion and humanity to characters that are often in the background for large periods of time.

Since this issue does focus on Bludd, the major plot as a whole takes a small break. This, in my opinion, is a good thing. It serves to give the title a sense of timing or a calm before the storm. Its certainly a welcome break after the last story arc, giving time for the issue to build up to the next.

Of course, near the end of the issue, things tend to go a little wrong. G.I Joe Cobra can end on a cliffhanger when it wants to, and G.I Joe Cobra #17 is no different.

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