G.I Joe: Cobra #16 Review

Following on from the previous issue, G.I Joe Cobra #16 continues to show various sides in the conflict between the Joe’s and Cobra.

The official description from IDW:

THE HUNT IS ON! The key to all of Cobra’s secrets is in the crossfire as FLINT’s secret G.I. Joe squad converges on FIREFLY and BLACKLIGHT! Everyone has their own agenda—and everybody has a lot of guns! It’s not-stop action and betrayal as secrets come to light and bodies hit the floor!

This issue can be split into two rough parts. Unfortunately, its the first that lets the issue down. The dialogue is slow, and the pacing likewise. This section follows Chameleon in Alexandria, following the aftermath of the previous issue. Its certainly effective, but it could be better. The artwork, for instance, feels very dull. The neutral colors and lack of detail don’t make anything exciting to look at, but it serves its purpose in terms of dialogue and exposition.

The majority of the title, however, focuses on Lady Jaye . The big difference here is the atmosphere and tone. Again, this follows on from last issues developments. Yet the art comes into its own better here. The strong use of dark rooms and corners makes for great tension; it also has the benefit of taking advantage of the lack of detail and the muted colors, enforcing the idea of poor visibility.

That said, the layouts do this section justice too. There is very little dialogue for a number of pages, and the comic takes a greater risk that fortunately pays off. Its dark, its tense and its quite gritty for a G.I Joe title.

As for the end of the title, it does what G.I Joe Cobra usually does. It develops the plot, wraps up other segments and offers a few cliffhangers or nuggets of information to keep you waiting for the next issue.

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