G.I Joe: A Real American Hero #187 Review


Following a thrilling and suspense-filled previous issue, G.I Joe: A Real American Hero #187 has a lot on its hands. It bounces between various set pieces, juggling the action efficiently.

The official description from IDW:

Things have gotten dangerous for G.I. JOE in Benzheen: the countdown for the activation of a nuclear warhead has begun and a rescue mission led by LT. FALCON struggles to rescue a team of captured G.I. JOE members. Can the team make it out of the blast radius in time? As the clock ticks down in Benzheen, JINX has been sent on a secret mission by DUKE and HAWK… where old enemies resurface once more!

A Real American Hero #187 opens with a city-scene, featuring a lone cyclist breaking into a building. Its typical G.I Joe stuff, which has its fair share of Ninjas and silent characters, but its an exciting way to open an issue.

Of course, the last issue left a very delicate situation at Benzheen, and the action continues very quickly within the pages of this issue. This is the action scene set-up in the last issue, and the action continues here. The story switches efficiently between the various sides, such as the Joe’s, Darklon and the other groups. It all moves very fluently, and you don’t get lost trying to follow the respective characters in such a chaotic environment.

This issue also concludes the action, leaving a little room for character development in the latter half. Characters that are often just depicted as typical villains get a new perspective, with the likes of Road Rage being a key highlight. There only little scenes, but they show aspects and depth of character that make the lesser known characters stand out in their own right, rather than revolving around the same core cast.

As for the ending, the final revelations might split readers on whether they like it or not. It changes the outcome and meaning of the previous escalations, but it none the less fits into the general character of G.I Joe. As with anything in this series, there’s always something left for next issue, but A Real American Hero #187 plays its cards close to its chest for now.

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