G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero #184 Review

Picking things up a little, G.I Joe: A Real American Hero #184 serves an action packed issues that’s full of plenty of twists, mysterious and typical espionage that the series is known for.

First, the official description from IDW:

Just as Cobra Commander begins to settle into his new COBRA base on the west coast, trouble starts brewing. Destro and Baroness, Road Pig and Zarana, Darklon, Zartan: every one of them pursuing their own agenda and getting in Cobra Commander’s way. Not to mention G.I. JOE following all their activities, waiting for the right time to step in. The stakes are raised in G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero #184!

The problem with recent issues is that there was a lot of talk and no action. This issue, however, turns this on its head. Despite a lot of dialogue, there’s always the sense that something is happening. Like typical G.I Joe arcs, the plot looks set to fragment into intertwining plot arcs, but the general gist is easy to get. Whilst its not always easy to understand what’s going on with Cobra, its hard to tell if this is deliberate or not.

With so many characters running around, such as Darklon and The Baroness, its hard to tell who’s actually in control. Several points in this issue would suggest that Cobra is fighting itself, although at other times they just seem to want to fight anybody.

Still, after a lot of talk about buying countries and national power, this issue does dial it down to a more local scale. With three stolen children, the issue does highlight the effects of normal citizens, using them to reflect on the two sides. Naturally, the Joe’s want to save them whilst Cobra just want to cause them pain; yet its never really given why. Even though its suggested one of them has an importance to Cobra, this does feel oddly written in, and isn’t a very smoothly written plot-hook.

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That being said, the rest of the issue is full of plot twists and revelations. Its very exciting and full of character, making the most of what the series can offer. All, in all, this is a fair read with plenty going for it.