G.I Joe: A Real American Hero #183 Review


A much more exciting issue, G.I Joe: A Real American Hero #183 manages to strike an interesting balance. Whilst there is a fair amount going on, this issue still seems to build things up with, often with a lot of tension. That said, its not a bore; there is still plenty of excitement to warrant a decent read through.

First, the official description from IDW:

G.I. JOE is in trouble: Darklon has escaped their custody and is finally ready to carry out his sinister plan. COBRA has moved from the east coast to the west coast, while enlisting new sinister allies; even Destro and Baroness seem to be involved in some grand scheming. Can G.I. JOE figure out what their enemies are planning before it’s too late? All the pieces are falling into place as the villains make their move in G.I. JOE: A Real American Hero!

As for as anything more unique goes, this issue has an interesting opening. I’m always pleased to see issues of G.I Joe that show the effects the big guys (the Joes and Cobra) have on the local population. In this case, showing some children in an abandoned estate shows a little glimpse into this interaction. Its not so much about how they react, but more the choices both sides make regarding the children. Needless to say, Cobra don’t come off as heroic as the Joe’s, but it none the less brings some of the ‘larger than life’ characters into a more realistic and threatening light.

As far as the actual plot goes, things very much follow on from the previous issue. There aren’t that many surprises; anyone who’s up to date with the previous issues can see most of this coming. Darklon has escaped home, and the Baroness and Destro spend alot of time talking and plotting.

Its all typical G.I Joe stuff, but there is a real sense of something building up. More than just the plot, the writers are including a number of important characters within Cobra. This is pulled off quite effectively, many of the characters feel like they’re doing something, rather than just being written into scenes for the sake of a decent cameo.

In short, if you’ve been reading this up until now, your no doubt aware that something big is being set up. Of course, if you’re new to the title, this is one of the better chances to get on board, before things start to get more complicated.

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