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G.I Joe #8 Review

G.I Joe_8

After an exciting last issue, G.I Joe #8 is back to continue the pace. This issue doesn’t let up or falter from the last so – if you liked that one then this one may just be for you.

The official description from IDW:

He’s the one man all of COBRA fears—that no COBRA operative will follow—but the man that will bring New York City to his knees. The G.I. JOE team has to fan out across the Big Apple as THE MAD MONK continues his very personal vendetta against DUKE. What is the secret shared between them?

This issue has plenty of depth. There are various sides being told here and it bounces rather well between the Joe’s, Destro (plus Baroness) and Mad Monk. The transitions are smooth and provide welcome breaks from the action. Everythings obviously spiraling together but, hey, it’s a fun ride. Honestly.. as long as Duke and Mad Monk don’t turn out to be brother (kinda want to call it now because you know… Hollywood) then I’ll be happy…ish.

Writing-wise, this issue is fairly solid. Fred Van Lente knows the cast and can handle a complicated story. The Joes face three fronts and the writing splits this up pretty much perfectly. It’s difficult to get lost or not understand where you are in the narrative. It works. The dialogue isn’t the best, I’ll admit. There’s a bit too much “the one” talk to be believable.

As for the visual appeal, Steve Kurth (pencils) and Joanna Lafuente (colors) once again provide an amazing issue to look at – with Allen Martinez on inks. The issue has night scenes, day scenes, long-pan castle shots, stormy night sequences. It’s a visual treat that doesn’t slip up. There are plenty of little touches that might go unnoticed, such as the light coming in – with the gentle flare – at Destro’s castle. It’s the little touches that break the subtly break up the various segments of G.I Joe #8.

And that’s not even to mention the cliffhanger ending – you know it’s coming, but the delivery is more than good enough. So, yeah, I’m impressed.


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