G.I. Joe #19 Review


Largely focusing on a single skirmish, the events in G.I Joe #19 start to pick up the pace, showing how the three warring sides react to one another. Whilst there is a real sense of action, the issue isn’t without its smaller issues that may bother some.

First, the official description from IDW:

TARGET: SNAKE EYES part three! SCARLETT leads the Joes on a campaign to put an end to the Arashikage Clan forever. But SERPENTOR and the murderous zealots of the Inner Coil may beat them to it. SNAKE EYES knows the world has turned against him and he’s surrounded on all sides by danger. Just the way he wants it!

Seeing the three sides (G.I Joe, Cobra, The Arashikage) together certainly gives a sense of momentum in the G.I Joe world. Where as previously there’s been plenty of dialogue and minor occurrences, this is the first time all 3 have actively been involved in a single incident.

It makes for great reading, even if the opening feels somewhat forced. Without spoiling anything, the main dispute is between Cobra and The Arashikage. The Joe’s plan? Simply turn up during this. There’s no real plan after that. Whilst some of the dialogue explores some of the options, such as letting the other two kill each other first, the actual course of events seems a little to simple. Who walks into the middle of a fight between two opposing forces?

Its not stealthy, but its all to capture Snake Eyes. Of course, regular G.I Joe fans know that Snake Eyes isn’t exactly the type to be caught easily. Needless to say, G.I Joe #19 is not without its share of twists, action and double crossings. More importantly, there is a slight focus on his counterpart, Storm Shadow. Considering this title is running parallel with Snake Eyes & Storm Shadow, one could definitely ask where hes been for most of all this.

Despite this, the issue is a good read. The dialogue might not be perfect, with a focus on Scarlett over any other Joe, but the action should generally speak for itself.

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