G.I Joe #16 Review

Like previous installments, G.I Joe #16 delivers a winning combination of espionage, action, explosions and drama. There’s a little romance too, but that’s not necessarily needed to enjoy this title.

The official description from IDW:

DEEP TERROR concludes! Scarlett and Team Bravo are trapped a mile beneath the Earth’s surface with an army of COBRA killers beneath on their tail! Their only hope is—Mainframe? Also: COBRA’s too-public campaign to destroy the Joes rolls on. How can America’s super-secret heroes survive in the light of day?

As wrap-ups go, this issue certainly does a good job. G.I Joe #16 does a fantastic effort of wrapping up all the arcs. Given that Deep Terror had a lot of separate and interlinking narratives, its an effective result. Even the assault on the mines ended up with several characters across various locations. This is all tied up nicely; in true G.I Joe fashion, it wouldn’t be an evil base of operations without a secret passageway or two.

As for the “rare element” and the nature of the mine itself, this is still left rather open. The Joe’s don’t seem interested in containing or occupying it. Its an obvious set up for a future arc, one that will no doubt be very interesting, but it doesn’t quite make sense. Why go to all the hassle of infiltrating and assaulting the enemy just to leave the main source of power behind? The Joe’s aren’t usually this sloppy.

What was more interesting however, is the cliffhanger of an ending. This wraps up a side arc throughout recent issues, one regarding the Joe’s discovery by the public. This has been one of the more interesting themes in G.I Joe, and its great to see it given some proper attention.

As for the artwork, this is bog standard Joe. The art quality is good, and suits the title. Yet its never really challenging. Similar to the layouts and paneling, I’m always disappointed by the lack of risks taken by G.I Joe. It doesn’t need to, but it would be very rewarding if the title was a little more experimental.

In short, this is a reasonable issue. G.I Joe #16 wraps up an excellent arc, and suggests a more interesting future for the series.


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