Fly: The Fall #3 Review

The cost of the ability to fly is baring down hard but is there light at the end of this dreary tunnel? Read on to find out.

The official description from Zenescope:

The “Best comic of 2011” as voted by: Wizard World, Pop Culture Addict, Comic Buzz, Talking Comics, and Geekadelphia continues!

The story of Danielle and Eddie’s downfall is told for the first time and the tragedy of what happens when addiction overcomes love reveals the bloody legacy that Eddie will have to live with forever. Meanwhile, Francis faces off against the Hero in a fight to the death that will unveil the truth behind who the hero is and what his connection is to Eddie.

Set in a world where the superheroes aren’t really heroes at all… how far would you go to FLY?

The continuing narrative surrounding all of these characters and the abilities derived from the substance that some of them have abused is as enthralling as ever.  From the fights to the individual arcs the creative team delivers a very satisfying outing.

The script by Raven Gregory does just enough to push the narrative forward as it explores and develops the insecurities and limitations of the relationships in this potent tale.  The reason why this outlandish narrative functions is simply because first and foremost the dialogue is key. The author quite handily flexes intellectual muscles as natural conversations illuminate situations without unnecessary exaggeration. By the end of the book when the cliffhanger is reached readers will be left counting the proverbial days until the next release.

Pipin Tobing steps in to handle the art in this latest outing, and he does a nice job realizing the world through his own unique visual style.  His pencil strokes offer a quirky and wholly deformed rendition that yields enough similarities to the overall saga to not be a distraction, but there were a few moments where panels looked a bit rushed.  The end result is a very sturdy vision with a few hiccups here and there.

Fly: The Fall #3 is without a doubt another solid entry that comes recommended.


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