Fly: The Fall #2 Review

Is this series still going strong with its second volume, or does it ultimately fail to take flight?  Read on to find out.

The official description from Zenescope:

More of Eddie and Danielle’s estranged past is revealed as her addiction to the drug begins to stress their relationship to the breaking point. Elsewhere Francis strikes out at those closest to the Hero in a horrific attack of vengeance. Set in a world where the super heroes aren’t really heroes at all…How far would you go to Fly?

It’s hard when someone you care about starts to abuse a substance, you see how destructive it is and try as you might to help them eventually you have to let go and realize that they implicitly have to help themselves.  That may seem like a very heavy way to start a review about a comic that covers corrupt people who happen to have superpowers but its very appropriate considering their abilities are the literal result of substance abuse.

Raven Gregory pens the script and I honestly have zero complaints about the work done here.  Whether you’re familiar with the concepts and the characters inherent in this franchise the emotional impact of each story beat and scene is handled in a way that simply conveys the humans side of things.  From that connection we get an end result that is simply riveting, as we watch each of these non-heroes deal with some down-to-Earth problems in some altogether normal ways.

The art handed in by Robert Gill is sturdy and consistent.  From a visual standpoint the level of detail incorporated into the narrative is solid but there are moments where it seems a tad bit too minimalist for its own good.  In these brief scenes characters can look a tad bit out of place, but for the most part the work on display does just enough good to more than excuse these minor lapses in quality.

Fly: The Fall #2 is an excellent continuation of a sterling franchise, and it even has a tale all its own that certainly warrants a purchase.  Recommended.


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