Five Weapons #6 Review

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How will Enrique’s return be met? Read on to find out.

The official description from Image:

Enrique returns to the School of Five Weapons, a place where kids learn the art of assassination. This time everyone knows his true identity as a low-class servant. Everyone knows he can’t use a weapon. Everyone accepts Enrique’s status, except for one student…Tyler, who knows every trick up Enrique’s sleeve. This time, school is for revenge!


Five Weapins #6This may be my first introduction to Five Weapons, but I can already see why it’s had such a favourable response. The concept of a school of assassins, added with the mysterious elements make this a intriguing series that I can’t wait to read more of.

Jimmie Robinson does a great job of opening this new arc making it an easy jump on point for new readers, whilst also appearing to appeal to long time fans. The drama and creativity behind his script is simply outstanding, and the reasons behind Enrique’s return have me positively hooked for the rest of the current story (if not the series in general). It was however not 100% perfect, as due to being an opening issue for a new arc it had a few slower moments, and despite being essential for the story it did lower the pace a little.

Robinson didn’t just write a fine script with this issue, but he also produced some outstanding artwork. The awesome detail along with the superb layout made his art stand out, also helping the story itself flow smoothly, becoming more impactful. I did however have mixed feelings over how he handled the characters facial expressions, as despite it adding a lot of depth at times it also felt slightly awkward at other points during the issue. In saying that this didn’t affect the issue too much, as the overall tone of Robinson’s art and the brilliant finish from Paul Little’s colours made this an visually stunning read.

The second arc of Five Weapons opens with a intriguing script that has me craving for more. Added to that the amazing tension and atmosphere throughout and how couldn’t I recommend this issue.



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