FIRST LOOK! Thaniel #2

There are a lot of great independent comic book companies around today, and one that is starting to up their game is OSSM Comics. Having only produced Xenoglyths up until now OSSM Comics has started to expand with the first in the line of new releases being a series called Thaniel which is set around a young man who uses is supernatural powers to rid the world of evil.

The first issue is not out till April 9th but having been lucky to read it in advance (check out my review here) I have to say so far I’m loving it and issue two looks just as great.

Though if you don’t believe me simply check out the amazing advanced preview bellow!


THANIEL-BOOK2-2014-COVER-600x862 Thaniel_2_Letts_12 Thaniel_2_Letts_13 Thaniel_2_Letts_14 Thaniel_2_Letts_15 Thaniel_2_Letts_16

Description: After discovering the person behind the drug trafficking in his city, Thaniel’s forced to use his power against someone he cares about. Every decision he’s made, every tragedy he’s faced was only a precursor of what’s to come. Delivering others from evil comes at a price.

Written by: Omar Spahi

Art by: Terry Huddleston

Cover by: Terry Huddleston

Release Date: 04/23/14

Retail Price: $3.99

With a story that is brutal yet emotional Thaniel definitely shows sophistication. It’s for this reason that I recommend everyone at least giving this series a try as despite helping out a small company I truly feel that a lot of people will be missing out on something amazing if their comic shop doesn’t have this in by April 23rd.

I’ve said why I think you should buy this issue when it’s released but based on this preview what do you fanboys think? Please voice you thought and opinions in the comments section below!

Source: OSSM Comics