Son of Merlin #1: Cover


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Are you tired of the usual slew of titles from the big two?  Do you crave a new property to sink your teeth into?  If so then you’re in luck because in February for just $1 Heroes and Villains Entertainment alone with Top Cow and Image Comics might just have something for you.  Feast your eyes on the preview below.

Son of Merlin #1


Simon Ambrose is a brilliant young professor at MIT. Always somewhat out of sync with the rest of the world, Simon is a man of science and does not put much stock in faith. When he discovers that he is the bastard son of the world’s greatest wizard Merlin, he is forced to put his skepticism aside and embrace a world of magic and the mayhem it embodies.

Science and magic collide in this introductory priced first issue! For $1, you can’t afford to miss this next step in a battle that has been waged for ages!

Written By: Robert Napton

Art By: Zid

Cover By: Zid and Stjepan Sejic

Release Date: 02/06/13

Cover Price: $0.99

So what do you guys think?  Is this a magic themed book that you’d honestly be interested in buying or did this little chunk fail to convince you of its worth?  Sound off with your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

SOURCE: Comic Book Resources

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