FIRST LOOK! My Little Pony: Friends Forever #3

As a member of our review team I get the opportunity to cover a lot of independent comics. This franchise falls under the docket of our esteemed editor Daniel Alvarez. To put it bluntly: he loves it and his enthusiasm for this iteration of MLP is nothing short of infectious.

So let me ask: do you find yourself helplessly enamored by this fantastical world populated by these lovable characters?

If so you’re in luck because we here at UTF have a preview that you’ll want to check out!


My Little Pony-Friends Forever 3_C My Little Pony-Friends Forever 3_1 My Little Pony-Friends Forever 3_2 My Little Pony-Friends Forever 3_3 My Little Pony-Friends Forever 3_4

My Little Pony-Friends Forever 3_5 My Little Pony-Friends Forever 3_6 My Little Pony-Friends Forever 3_7 My Little Pony-Friends Forever 3_8

Description: Featuring the unlikely duo of Princess Celestia and Spike! In need of the birthday present for Twilight, Spike enlists Celestia on an adventure! What seems to be a harmless journey quickly turns into danger for even the mightiest of ponies! Who will save whom??

Written by: Ted Anderson

Art by: Agnes Garbowska

Cover by: Amy Mebberson

Variant Covers Available

Release Date: 03/12/14

Retail Price: $3.99

Now that you’ve feasted your eyes, do you find yourself anticipating this release or dreading it? Is this a competent duo or should someone else be the focus?

Sound off with your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below!

SOURCE: IDW Publishing