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Are you eagerly anticipating the future of Marvel Comics now that their latest initiative is under way?  If so you’re in luck because we have an excellent preview from one of their forthcoming titles due out in January.

Morbius: The Living Vampire #1

Description: Morbius….the hunted, haunted fugitive.

Morbius…the dead souled scientist.

Morbius…the Living Vampire.

Somewhere inside Doctor Michael Morbius is a good man who just needs a second chance. After escaping from The Raft in Amazing Spider-Man 699.1, Morbius is scraping desperately through each day trying to carve out a life in a world that has turned its back on him. However his redemption…may be worse than his sin.

NOW Morbius returns in this long-awaited ongoing series, where the line between hero and villain becomes brutally and bloodily blurred.

Written By: Joe Keatinge

Art By: Richard Elson

Cover By: Gabrielle Dell’otto

Variant Cover By: Ed McGuinness

Young Baby Variant Cover By: Skottie Young

Release Date: January 2013

Cover Price: $2.99

So what do you guys think?  Does the art grab your attention or is this going to be a throwaway series that just won’t be worthy of your time?  Sound off with your exceptional thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

SOURCE: Marvel & PreviewsWorld

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