As Marvel NOW! approaches, the current line of Iron Man stories is steadily coming to a dynamic finish.  If you’re interested to see some clues as to how Matt Fraction intends to wrap-up his time with old bucket-head, just checkout the preview the House of Ideas sent out today.

Invincible Iron Man #525

Description: Tony Stark is deep in the clutches of the Mandarin, being forced to build doomsday weapons against his will! And when his only hope is to aid his old enemy Ezekiel Stane, things begin to look even grimmer.  Can this unlikely duo bring an end to the Mandarin’s mad schemes?

Written By: Matt Fraction

Art By: Salvador Larroca

Cover By: Salvador Larroca

Release Date: 9/26/12

Cover Price: $3.99

Are you guys excited to pick-up this issue, or will you skip it and wait for November’s Iron Man #1?  Sound off with your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

SOURCE: Marvel

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