Fatale #20 Review

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Now that this franchise has been around for twenty issues, does it really feel like it needs to go on any longer? Read on to find out.

The official description from Image:


Nicolas Lash is in the deepest trouble possible, and there’s only one person who can save him now… the problem is, trouble is her business.

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fatale_020_cvrThis has been a title that’s garnered a great deal of praise right out of the gate, and this latest entry proves that it’s still as vibrant and compelling as it ever was. Thanks to a rock solid creative team there’s a lot within this comic that should get it a spot on your pull-list.

The text by Ed Brubaker is a moody affair that evokes the very essence of the noir genre. He keeps a strong focus on our femme fatale and this particularly dark arc that she’s currently embroiled in. There’s a lot going on as the seasoned author deals with the necessary issues that have plagued Jo since she discovered her gifts. On some level I feel the presence of societal commentary that’s been an underlined theme, but the scribe never delivers it in a heavy handed way that diminishes forward progression. It’s a chess game and we get to watch it unfold.

I want Sean Phillips to draw more comics! The man is an amazing asset to this particular franchise, and as he continues his collaboration with this work we’ve gotten to see how far he can stretch his illustrative prowess. The results of these efforts have simply been uncanny, as he brings to life some disturbing panels. Even beyond all that his attention to detail makes each page into a sensory experience that exemplifies the innate plot elements within.

Fatale #20 proves that through nuance and a competent hand just about any topic, given the right creative team, can have legs to stand on. And after twenty issues this is one franchise that easily still comes highly recommended.




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