Fatale #16 Review

The latest chapter in this noir drenched odyssey is here, but does this saga have a sturdy enough foundation to stand?  Read on to find out.

The official description from Image:

Nicolas is on Josephine’s trail of secrets, and they lead him back to 1990s Seattle, where a rock band, a gang of bank robbers, and a wandering serial killer all circle around a mysterious woman with no memory. . . And remember, each issue of FATALE contains extra content, artwork and articles that are only available in the printed single issues.

From the start of this franchise the creative team has had the ability to easily blend realistic elements with otherworldly ones.  They’ve done so in a way that highlights the struggles of the human experience by shinning light on moments of grace and bitter darkness.  And the latest issue is absolutely no different as Jo slowly but surely leads more men down an age of renewal that will surely conclude with their mutual destruction.

Ed Brubaker is the captain of this morbidly entertaining vessel as a new set of gentlemen feel the effects of our very special femme fatale.  In truth what we get out of this script is a jaunt that feels all together far too familiar but by the time we reach the final page the author has crafted a moment of real tension that’s sure to lead into some interesting things for the franchise’s future.  I was a bit underwhelmed by how quickly pieces fell into place but for the most part this transition to another era has gone quite smoothly so far.

The art by Sean Phillips continues to be a spot where the property reaches some astounding heights, as feats of visual skill become a common place.  The talent’s ability to craft detailed backgrounds is second only to the illustrator’s grasp on the human form.  I honestly have no complaints about the body of work, as this latest issue embraces core elements that are worth expanding and growing from.

Fatale #16 is not perfect but it is a highly entertaining and even thought provoking outing.  Recommended.


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