Fatale #15 Review

The saga of Josephine continues here, but is the story of this particularly gifted girl still relevant even after fifteen issues?  Read on to find out.

The official description from Image:

FATALE finally arrives in modern times, as Nicolas Lash’s research from his prison cell draws out old enemies. And him with nowhere left to run.

I’ve hinted at it before, but this series has a insatiable need to offer up disturbing notions and images while maintaining its noir roots in earnest. It’s this steadfast care that lends the creative team enough room to play with unique parts in concert with one another.  Each aspect coexists to create something special, and within the confines of these pages from the text to the pictures that’s exactly what happens.

Ed Brubaker continues to spin the odyssey of this heroine, and whether its the exploration of her past or those like her the scribe knows exactly what cords to hit so that the audience feels some level of empathy for her unique situation.  It’s from that perspective that this story really finds some ground to stand on, even as it takes strides toward the modern world. I did find some of the issue to be a tad bit overly stuffed with unnecessary explanations but in the end its hard to begrudge the author because the text only helps to further cement the comic within the confines of its chosen genre.

The art by Sean Phillips is one area in this book, next to the written word of course, that continues to be a source of glee for active followers.  The delicate pencil strokes use thick lines to expand the world surrounding Jo in a way that highlights not just her beauty but the subtle details of the environments surrounding her.  I was particular impressed with the one-on-one dialogue that yields some stunning facial expressions that easily eclipse some of the talent’s best work.

Fatale #15 is another excellent entry that births a new arc that may not be an ideal beginning point for the uninitiated but it comes recommended nonetheless.


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