Fatale #14 Review

More pieces regarding the legacy surrounding the femme fatale come into focus here, but is this story really something that fans need to purchase?  Read on to find out.

The official description from Image:

The final standalone FATALE FLASHBACK issue – World War Two! Nazi cultists and monsters are after Jo, as she searches for answers and comes face to face with Mr Bishop for the first time!

And remember each issue of FATALE contains extra content, articles and artwork that are not available anywhere but the printed single issues.

When it comes to this set of tales, I have to admit that the bar to impress has been raised high.  The creative team behind this has done an eloquent job delivering a series of consistently compelling narratives while still thriving in a genre that’s been explored by many before them.  Despite that fact this comic book stands tall on its own delivering a saga that deserves to be on everyone’s pull-list.

Ed Brubaker is the architect behind this tale of monsters, lust, immortality and mad men. He employs the literary word in a way that amplifies his own extensive prowess without making the audience feel overburdened by too many unnecessary tangents.  He delves out revelations by handily backing them up with solid reactions that sell the authenticity of even the more outlandish scenarios.  There were a couple sequences where the dialogue itself came off as rather clunky, but despite that fact the majority of the work flows quite nicely.

The pencil work done by Sean Phillips continues to be a consistently brilliant portion of these festivities.  The way he plots thick and thin lines will easily captivate this title’s select audience, as he slowly but surely leads them toward whatever climax the author has in store.  There were a couple panels that seemed far too bland as facial details. and the importance of these particular features, seemingly fell to the wayside as a series of illustrative attempts that range from good to downright impressive populate each proverbial page.

Fatale #14 fills in some gaps while building up this franchise’s future. Recommended.


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