Fatale #13 Review

Is a western themed one-shot exactly what this series needs right now?  Read on to find out.

The official description from Image:

It’s the curse of the Femme Fatale in the old west, for those who like horror and noir in their spaghetti western. Another standalone FATALE FLASHBACK issue, and a perfect place for new readers to jump on board!

And remember each issue of FATALE contains extra content, articles and artwork that are not available anywhere but the printed single issues.

From its inception this series has been one that’s embraced the notion of the Femme Fatale while expanding on the nature of it in a way that never sacrificed the noir roots that this creative team has embraced.  This latest release is no different, because this exceptional duo understands the core mechanics in order to nurture a believable narrative in an uncommon place.

Ed Brubaker pens the script and the series writer has no problem whatsoever jumping headfirst into this time period.  His main saga may be taking a break with these one and done stories but trust me none of them have been a waste of time.  In this particular romp we have yet another woman plagued by her mystical power that she doesn’t quite understand and the beautiful thing here is that the text does an exceptional job developing her that readers will walk away with a sense of completion.

The art by Sean Phillips continues to be outstanding, as this talent uses his pencil to render new characters in a unique setting that delivers the correct tone in order to sell this romp.  Each page with its panels is brought to life with a precision that highlights the delicate features and the dark tones surrounding this tale.  My only complaint is that I wish this story was longer so that I could see more of the west through the eyes of this illustrator.

Fatale #13 is another brilliant and gut-wrenching addition to this comic series.  It may exist slightly off the beaten path but that doesn’t prevent this one from offering up something special.  Highly recommended.


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